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Calm Sea

Hi, I'm Tou Ger.

I take my clients on an experience that provides both profound insight and practical action steps. 


Insight to gain clarity and purpose around who you're ready to become and the life you're ready to create.

Action to turn that into a reality.


The Moment that Changed Everything 

I was living in Los Angeles as a professional dancer when my family received the news that my father had 6 months left to live. Wanting to be with my family during this time, I put my life long dreams on the back burner, packed up my bags, and moved back to the midwest.


That was the lowest point of my life. Not only did I lose everything I had worked for...I was in the process of losing my father.

After wallowing for a few months, I reflected back on my journey as a dancer and realized...


  • I constantly compared myself to others.

  • I was always unnecessarily hard on myself. 

  • Though I love dance, I HATED the entertainment industry. The superficial need for followers, the typecasting, and the expendable culture of it all.


So if there were so many things that made me unhappy, then why did I do all of it? And why was I so upset now that it was gone?


Through the process of answering these questions, it hit me that I was never running towards a goal. Instead, I was running away from fear, rejection, and all the flaws that made me feel worthless. And somehow, I had come up with the idea that reaching success would save me from those things.


That's When I Discovered Coaching

Through coaching, I got to reinvent myself and the things that matter in my life. My relationships grew, I transformed into someone I never would've even been able to imagine, and I discovered a new way to grow and improve myself. A way that was much healthier than beating up on myself for not meeting unrealistic expectations.​

That's when I decided it was time for me to support other ambitious individuals who never felt like they were doing enough.

The ones who can't seem to make time for everything.

The ones who feel burnt out. 

The ones who are on the hamster wheel.

The ones who struggle to make their self-care a priority.

The ones who don't know how to celebrate their accomplishments.

The ones who aren't sure how to move towards their goals anymore.

The ones who are ambitious and ready to keep creating the life that they want, but without the stress and anxiety of consistently hustling and grinding. 

I'm here to support the unfulfilled overachievers 


Ready to create the life of your dreams in a way that feels in alignment with who you are? 

Grab a time below!

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