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Getting Out Of Your Head And Into The World

A Four Day Workshop For Purpose-Driven Leaders

& Changemakers

Monday, June 22nd - Thursday, June 25th

2:00p - 3:00p CDT


Replays will be available for those who

cannot attend every session

What Is A Limiting Belief?

A belief is an assumption that is considered to be true, even when there is no valid proof. These assumptions are usually developed during events that happened in our childhood (before our brains are fully formed). Something happens, we make an interpretation about it, and then we reinforce that interpretation through encountering similar situations. This eventually leads to what we call a "belief."

Limiting beliefs - simply put - are beliefs that limit you in some way. They cloud all other possibilities that don't fit within it. They leave us stuck, rigid in the action and behavior that we choose to take on, and unable to see what may be obvious to others. 

Can You Relate To This?​

  • You want to do something BIG but end up being filled with doubt and asking yourself, "Who am I to do it?"

  • You let your mistakes and failures hold you back and define you.

  • You are unable to accept acknowledgment, compliments, or payment for the help you give others.

  • You keep your mouth shut, even when you have something to say that can make all the difference. 

  • You've "tried everything," but nothing seems to be working.

  • You find yourself working harder, and harder, and harder just to try and prove that you're good enough.

  • You have so many great ideas, but feel more stuck than motivated.

If you resonate with any of these, then this workshop is for you.

“If we can see past preconceived limitations, then the possibilities are endless.”


―Amy Purdy

What The Workshop Covers


We'll uncover the limiting belief, where it comes from and the impact that it has in various areas of your life. We will also discover how the limiting beliefs impacts the way you view yourself.

The ultimate goal is to have you leave the workshop with a sense of freedom that you've never had before. With a new and empowered belief, you'll see things that you couldn't before.

Insight without action produces no result. Through the discoveries that are made, we will create intentional steps that will make a profound difference in your life.



Breaking Limiting Beliefs is a free online workshop. We are looking for purpose driven leaders who are committed to doing the work to create a shift in their life so that they can impact the world. Those who are no longer tolerating the self-sabotaging thoughts and behaviors and know that it's up to them to change it. 

If you fit this criteria, register below! 

*All information will be kept to the highest level of confidentiality



Tou Ger Lee is a professional dancer turned fulfillment coach who supports his clients to discover and create fulfillment in their lives. Mixing and matching the knowledge and philosophy of his artistic background with the skills acquired through one of the world’s finest coach training programs, Accomplishment Coaching, Tou Ger’s approach is one that is both creative and exciting.


With his purpose being to create a world where people love living life, Tou Ger is passionate about the relationship that people have with themselves and the impact it has on their experience and quality of life.


Known for his ability to show others their blind spots and get people our of their own way, Tou Ger’s clients and peers consider him “a high-seasoned performer” who “is able to take his clients to deep places and evoke profound change.” 


When he’s not coaching, Tou Ger can be found cooking and dancing, having family cuddle time with his partner and their two dogs, or learning something random from Youtube.

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