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Cooling Down The Burnout

By this point, we’ve all heard about burnout and its many side effects on both your team’s health and your company’s results. A quick Google search will show you dozens of ways that you can prevent this phenomenon.

So having been such a hot topic that we’ve all heard about, perhaps the question is no longer about how to prevent it, but instead - why do we still work ourselves to the point of crashing?

In this workshop, we’ll discover the answer to this question in order to implement practical solutions that support your team to pull the issue from the root and avoid future burnout.

A New Way To


Don't have your team pour from their cup. Help your team to have so much in their own cups that it overflows into everyone else's.

In this module, we'll look into the different areas of personal health to ensure that your team leaves with practical and convenient steps that they can use to take care of their well-being everyday.

The Limiting Beliefs That Lead To Burnout

From taking breaks to asking for help, most of us already know what we need to do to prevent burnout. So why don't we do it?

By discovering the thoughts and beliefs that lead to burnout, this module will leave your team with a newfound sense of clarity and motivation to take care of their


Calm Sea


All modules below can be purchased either as a package or individually.

Please contact me to personalize a workshop for your team's specific needs.

Package (All Modules): 4 Hours

A New Way To Self-Care: 1.5 Hours

The Limiting Beliefs That Lead To Burnout: 1.5 Hours

Interrupting The Burnout Cycle: 2 Hours

Interrupting The Burnout Cycle

There are different phases of the burnout cycle. Being aware of which phase you are in is already half the battle won.

Through this extensive module, your team will learn how to identify which phase of the burnout cycle they are in and how to take the most effective steps towards returning to a healthy space.

Grab a time below and let's talk about how we can
elevate your team even further.

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