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Calm Sea

Ever been given the advice:

"You just need to be more confident"?

Ever wondered:

"Well yeah, I know. But... HOW!?"


Don't worry. I got you.

How To "Confidence" is a group coaching program that will provide you with

practical steps to:

1. Get Out Of Your Own Way

2. Create Unshakable Confidence

3. Live Life As The Best Version Of Yourself

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Are You Ready To Let Go Of These Patterns?

  • Sabotaging yourself and getting in your own way of success

  • Feeling insecure about yourself and doubting your abilities

  • Getting anxious when you speak in front of others

  • Not expressing your wants and needs

  • Struggling to create relationships due to social awkwardness

  • Being unable to present yourself in the way you'd like to

  • Consistently feeling like you're not doing enough

  • Using superficial 'strategies and tactics' to try and appear confident


Things don't have to be this way. If you're committed to creating confidence in your life, then you're in the right place. Welcome to How To "Confidence".

Confidence is not, "They will like me"

Confidence is, "I'll be fine if they don't"

Confidence is not about what others think or how they feel about you. Confidence is about how you think and feel about yourself and how that translates into the actions you take and the results you create.

In this program, you'll get practical tools on HOW to build genuine and unshakable confidence. You'll gain self-awareness, explore new adventures, and become the kind of person who courageously creates the life you want.


"Through working with Tou Ger, I've been able to tap into that sweet spot between high performance and inner peace, and I've gone through a shift towards radical acceptance and self-love that is the foundation for greater confidence.

Tou Ger is worth the time time and effort. It's one of the best investments you can make in yourself if you're really looking to level up in life."

- Clint Monfort, Co-Founder At

Evolve Corporate Wellness

If We Haven't Met Yet, I'm Tou Ger.

Tou like 2. Ger like Germany.

Perhaps the biggest thing you need to know about me is that my life used to be controlled by insecurity and doubt. And while I was still able to accomplish some pretty cool things during those times, my lack of confidence held me back from reaching my full potential. 

Don't believe me (or just want a good laugh)? Check out the video of me saying happy birthday to someone who was my closest friend.


Yeah... I was THAT awkward... while saying happy birthday... to one of my closest friends. Imagine how everything else in my life was going...

This lack of confidence held me back in all aspects of my life. In my career, I pulled all of my punches. I avoided saying what I needed to say and doing what I needed to do to advance further, and so I stayed stuck.

In my personal relationships, I hid myself. I refused to express essential parts of who I was in fear that those parts wouldn't be accepted, and as a result, I pushed others away and always felt alone and unseen. 

Finally, after hundreds of hours of coach training and thousands of hours of self-reflection, I learned the tools to create confidence in my life. This confidence has allowed me to:

  • build my own business.

  • influence and inspire thousands of people.

  • speak and facilitate workshops for incredible professionals from some of the top companies in the world.

  • make more money than I ever have while doing work that I absolutely love.

  • improve my relationship with the love of my life, who I've now been with for nearly 10 years.

  • travel, pick up new hobbies, have new adventures, and create relationships with high-achieving individuals.

  • show up as the most genuine version of myself.


But perhaps what I'm most happy about is that through this transformation, I've been able to help others do the same.

When you're ready, I'd love to share these tools with you too.

How Does How To "Confidence" Work?

How To Confidence is a 6-month group coaching program that happens during the first 3 Wednesdays of each month from 12:00p - 1:30p (Central Time). Sessions start on October 5th, 2022.

*Recordings available for those who cannot attend live sessions.


Compound Effect

Each session builds on top of the last, creating a compound effect that leads to significant transformation.


Direct Coaching

20 minutes of each session is dedicated to coaching participants one-on-one. Observers are able to witness

transformation happen in real time and apply it to themselves as they see fit.


Insights AND Action

Insights by themselves won't do you much good. That's why in each session, you'll be given the opportunity to design practical action steps in order to turn these insights into reality.

Hover over the images for additional information

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Tools & Exercises

Along with the action steps you design, each session will come with its own set of worksheets, exercises, and recommendations. These additional tools will ensure that you are consistently building confidence beyond our sessions. 



Accountability partners and support structures will be provided in between each session to ensure that you do not go through the process alone.

refund (1).png

Satisfaction Guaranteed

If you've attended every session, done all of the work, and still feel unsatisfied by the end of the 1st month, get your money back. 

I'll even throw in an extra $10 for boba (or your drink of choice).

The investment for this program is $2750 (payment plans available at $497/month).

On the fence and want to talk about it? Sign up through the form below and let's chat.

You don't get fit because you paid a fitness coach. You get fit because you showed up to do the work. The fitness coach's responsibility is simply to guide and support you.

In the same way, you'll need to invest energy, focus, and time into this program.

You'll need to show up, be courageous, and put in the work.

*All applicants will be assessed to maintain the quality and integrity of the group dynamic.

Calm Sea

Screenshots Of Success

M.D. Testimonial.jpeg
M.D. Testimonial.jpeg

"With confidence, you have won before you have started."

- Marcus Garvey

If you're still reading this, I imagine that something about the program speaks out to you.

Sign up through the form below, and let's get started.

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