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Deepening Emotional Awareness

Behind everything we do is how we feel.


How do you perform when you feel upset and frustrated?

Now how do you perform when you feel excited and inspired?

In this workshop, your team will be provided with a simple and powerful framework to identify where our emotions come from and how to utilize them in a way that is healthy and positively impactful for themselves, each other, and the rest of the company.

Effective Communication

We’ve all experienced frustrated teammates, angry clients, and stressful circumstances. 


Rather than reacting out of impulse, this module will show your team how to properly respond and support others through situations when emotions run high in order to create the best solution possible.

Utilizing Feelings

“Have your feelings, don’t let them have you.”


Emotions are powerful. They can be used to do terrible things, or to create beautiful results. In this module, your team will learn the skills necessary to harness emotions in a way that will support them.

Rewiring Emotions

Our thoughts determine our feelings which influence our actions. There is a cycle. 


Through becoming aware of this cycle, your team will have the ability to shift their emotions in a way that empowers them to keep showing up as the best version of themselves.

Emotional Habits

When we think about habits, we tend to think of our actions and behaviors. 


The same way that your team has developed behavioral habits, this module will provide your team with the steps to develop emotional habits to accomplish extraordinary results.

Calm Sea


All modules below can be purchased either as a package or individually.

Please contact me to personalize a workshop for your team's specific needs.

Package: 4 Hours

Individual Modules: 1.5 Hours Each

Grab a time below and let's talk about how we can elevate your team even further.

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