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Overcoming Self-Doubt & Moving Towards Confidence - Worksheet

To make the most of this worksheet, use it alongside the BLOG

BONUS: To follow along with the guided video, please click HERE:


Creating Habits
Step-by-step Worksheet

It goes without saying that our habits play a huge role in our success.


But with so many possible habits out there, how do you identify which habit will be most effective in moving you forward? More importantly, how do you make the habit stick?

Download this worksheet to discover the step-by-step process that will help you to answer both of the questions above. 


5 Time Management Tips

Looking for quick and simple time management tips that you can start applying NOW? Try these out!

BONUS: Watch THIS CLIP for extra tips!

Old-Fashioned Clock

7 Tips To Prevent
Anxiety Attacks

While there are great tools and practices to help us cope with anxiety when it happens, it's best to prevent it from happening all together.

Take these simple and practical tips on to get ahead of the curve with your mental health.

This information was put together in collaboration with Self-Reclaimed.

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Gaining Clarity - Worksheet

In this worksheet, Tou Ger combines some of the top goal setting and productivity structures in the world to create a workshop that will help you to gain clarity on your goals.


You will also walk away from this worksheet having identified the simple action steps that you need to take in order to achieve success.

BONUS: To follow along with the guided video, please click HERE:


A Simple Grounding Technique

Need a simple tool to help bring you back into the present moment?

The 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 technique grounds us into the present moment by inviting us to use our 5 senses as anchors. Whether you're looking for something to simply help you slow down or you're looking for something to help you cope with anxiety, this is a great tool to have in your pocket.

Follow along with the guided exercise HERE.


Habit Tracker Tool

Habit trackers help for a many different reasons:

  • They remind you to take action. So many of the habits that we are trying to build go out the window simply because we don't see them on a consistent basis.

  • They allow you to acknowledge your growth. Seeing how far you've come on a habit tracker gives you the motivation to keep going.

  • They allow you to reflect on your behaviors and actions to better learn from them.


Download this habit tracker to keep you going! 


How To Stay Productive When You Are Low On Energy

The first recommendation when you are feeling low on energy will always be to give yourself grace and to rest. However, there will be many moments in our lives when our energy levels fluctuate.


For example: if you are an early bird, you may have high energy in the morning and low energy in the late afternoon, vice-versa. 

Take this simple framework on to learn how you can stay moving during those low energy moments.

BONUS: Watch THIS VIDEO for more tips on how to manage your energy.

Light Bulb
Calm Sea


Free frameworks, mental models, worksheets, and tools to support you in your growth.

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