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A New Way To Create Life

Updated: May 4, 2022

Back when people were still hunters and gatherers, we relied on our surroundings for survival. Whether it be because we were chasing animals or because we ran out of resources in one particular location, we were consistently on the move...never setting down roots. This was how we survived.

Then we discovered agriculture. As we realized that there was another way to do life, life began to shift rapidly. We discovered an easier way to not only survive, but to thrive in the world.

There’s a client who I’ve had the pleasure of working with for a few months now. This person is extraordinary. I recall my first impression of them as someone who is truly the creator of their own life.

And I’ll admit…part of me felt unsure of how I would serve this individual. Looking through everything they’ve accomplished so far, it was clear they had the brains, the willingness to act, and the emotional intelligence to persevere. Every strategy I could offer them in terms of goal setting and productivity seemed useless for me to bring up, as they likely already knew it all.

Upon reflection though, I came to realize I was looking at serving them from a level that was much too surface.

This was not about supporting the client to accomplish their goals or to create more in their life. That would be like teaching the hunter how to be a better hunter…which would be a waste of time because they were already more than capable of doing that by themselves.

This was about supporting them to discover a new paradigm. A whole new way to create life where thriving becomes a default as a result of the discoveries that they make about themselves. Where they could continue to grow, while also being able to plant roots.

If you're looking to elevate your life EVEN further, consider that you don’t need more information on how to better “hunt” or “gather.”

Consider that this isn’t about being the best “hunter/gatherer” you can be.

Perhaps this is actually about discovering a whole new way to do life.


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