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Don't Go To Therapy Because You're Depressed

Don’t go to therapy because you’re depressed; Go to therapy because you’re committed to your happiness.

Don’t hire a coach because you’re stuck; Hire a coach because you’re ready to take the next step.

Don’t exercise because you’re unhealthy; Exercise because you honor and respect your body.

Don’t read because you don’t know something; Read because you’re willing to understand it.

Don’t change because you don’t like who you are; Change because you know you’re capable of even more.


I recently started telling my clients “I’m not here to solve your problems. I’m here to support you to achieve your goals, dreams, and desires. Solving problems will just happen as a by-product of you moving forward.”

And while the problems may be 'real', it is often more empowering (and productive) to focus on the dreams that you have.

Inviting you to focus on your dreams more than you do on your problems.

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