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Flying Among the Swiss Alps

I took paragliding lessons 2 weeks ago in Switzerland. After a single day’s worth of lessons, the instructor told my class that we would be jumping off a 7,200 ft mountain by ourselves.

The nerves immediately hit. Thoughts came swarming into my mind. "

What if I'm not ready? What if I can’t get the paraglider in the air? What if I crash and get injured…or worse?"

I stayed after class and started throwing questions at my instructor. Questions about techniques, important things to remember, and even questions about what I needed to do if I somehow spiraled out of control while flying.

He calmly responded, "you’re scaring yourself. Stop focusing on the flight. Focus on what we’ve been working on all day - run, pull up, release, then control. If you do those 4 things well, your flight will automatically be great.”

It then occurred to me that everytime I practiced, I was more focused on:

"I need to get in the air, I need to get in the air, I need to get in the air”

rather than...

"now run, now pull up, now release, now control."

I was so worried about the flight that I wasn't focusing on the essential steps needed in order to even get in the air.

Having switched my focus around, I’m proud to say that I’ve now flown among the Swiss Alps 3 times.


So many of us are so focused on the flight that we forget to focus on the few essential steps that will naturally lead to the actual flight itself.

*We focus more on increasing employee performance than on taking care of our workers.

Instead, take care of your workers and their performance will increase.

*We focus more on the sale than on providing value.

Instead, provide value and the sales will come.

*We focus more on avoiding burnout than we do on building healthy habits.

Instead, build healthy habits and burnout will become a thing of the past.

All in all, focus on the action(s) you need to take and the results will come.


So having said all of that...

What are the few but important steps for you to stay focused on in your goals?

To your success and fulfillment,

Tou Ger Lee

Want to identify the few essential steps that you need to take on in order to accomplish your goals? Schedule a call HERE.


P.s. There was no footage of myself taking off, so provided is a video that I took of my friend Cindy's first solo flight. I have to imagine that my own take off looked just as good though. ;)

You can follow her IG here.

P.p.s. A special shout out to Verbier Summits for the paragliding lessons. Thank you for making my dreams of flying come true. If you are looking for paragliding lessons, I can't recommend them enough.

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