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Calm Sea

About You & Your Organization

You are an organization that is committed to ensuring the happiness and well-being of your team, both as professionals and as people. 

You care about this because

1) you understand that your team's happiness directly impacts the results that your organization produces.

2) your team matters to you.


Behind Every Company Is A Great Team

In everything that you do, every situation that you experience, and every dream that you have - YOU are the common denominator. 


Within you are a series of internal structures - beliefs, values, ethics, thoughts, and emotions. These structures influence your actions and behaviors, which lead to the results that

you create in life.

I provide workshops that leave you and your team with the tools necessary to understand your own internal structures so that you can transform the common denominator - yourselves - in order to create a life of success and fulfillment.

Whether you book me for a live event or a virtual experience, both you and your team will leave with emotional empowerment, profound insight, and actionable steps to scale the experience of your work and your life even further.


Creating A Fulfilled Team

What would it be like if your team showed up to work every single day as the best version of themselves?

As the lines between work and life become more and more blurred, it's important to cultivate a culture that genuinely cares about the level of fulfillment that each individual in your team experiences beyond the workspace.


In this workshop, your team will be provided with both profound insight and practical steps to create fulfillment in every area of their life, in order to put their best foot forward in everything that they do.

Cooling Down The Burnout

By this point, we’ve all heard about burnout and its many side effects on both your team’s health and your company’s results. A quick Google search will show you dozens of ways that you can prevent this phenomenon.

So having been such a hot topic that we’ve all heard about, perhaps the question is no longer about how to prevent it, but instead - why do we still work ourselves to the point of crashing?

In this workshop, we’ll discover the answer to this question in order to implement practical solutions that support your team to pull the issue from the root to avoid future burnout.


Deepening Emotional Awareness

Behind everything we do is how we feel.

Take a moment to think about this.

How do you perform when you feel upset and frustrated?

Now how do you perform when you feel excited and inspired?

In this workshop, your team will be provided with a simple and powerful framework to identify where our emotions come from and how to utilize them in a way that is healthy and positively impactful for themselves, each other, and the rest of your organization.

What Company Employees Are Saying

I really needed this! The fact that my employer offered this really helps my drive in the workplace. It shows that they care about me and my well being.

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